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Don’t Get Caught! Pet Business Scams That Will Break Your Heart

If you are looking for a new pet, including a pet to rescue, get educated on pet scams BEFORE you buy! It’s not only about cats and dogs. It can be any pet of relatively high value – macaws, rare parrots, pure bred cats, pure bred dogs, even high value fish have been included in […]

What’s your storm plan for your pets?

Seeing Cyclone Debbie on the news this week has brought back memories of watching the news after Cyclone Yasi. Seeing all the displaced pets or pets taken from the arms of their owners to be left behind during evacuation was heartbreaking.Yasi truly brought to light that pets are a part of our families, and need […]


In fact, most insurers will actually refuse claims for household items damaged by dogs, cats, budgies and even goldfish. Others will only cover damage caused by pets if you take out full accidental damage cover alongside your home contents policy. Before taking out a policy, it is therefore vital for Pet Business Sitters to read […]

What to expect during your first pet sitting booking

So you’ve got your first pet sitting booking. Congratulations! You’re a little bit excited and maybe a little bit nervous. Make sure you read PetCloud’s Sitter Success Manual (this is emailed to you) and ensure you’ve watched the “How it works” Video, and if you want more confidence with regard to the standard of care […]

Pet Business Technology that cares for your pet

In today’s ultra-chic world of gadgets and toys, it is to be expected they will also be available to our furry friends. You might be surprised at how pervasive pet technology has become. Most gadgets below will suit most dogs and many cats. But if shopping for a cat just check if they like the […]

Bring Your Dog to Work Day Tips and Health Benefits

Australian’s love our pets with two thirds of households owning a pet of some kind! Bring Your Dog to Work Day celebrates the great companions dogs make plus promotes adoptions to dog-less co-workers. There are many physical and mental health benefits of having a pet friendly workplace for both the business, employees, owners and pets. […]